How much does a Membership cost?
Under "JOIN NOW" you will find information to the prices for membership.

Will my membership be automatically extended?
Your membership will be automatically extended until canceled.

How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at www.ccbilleu.com

To whom do I address questions relating to payments?
For billing questions please contact by email: clientsupport@ccbill.com

In what formats are videos available?
All videos are available in 2 formats. Windows Media Player (WMV), Quicktime.

Can I download the videos?
Of course you can download all videos to your computer.

Can I stream the videos?
Of course you can stream all videos! To be able to play the videos via your Internet browser, you will need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

In what sizes are the videos available?
Three different sizes of videos are available (Windows Media Player).
High Definition (1920 X 1080 pixels) High Quality (852 X 480 pixels) Low Quality (320 X 180 pixels)
Can I download the pictures?
Of course you can download all the pictures to your computer. We made them available in ZIP archives for you.

What web browser should I use to view your site?
This site has been tested in the following web browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

I want to apply to become a model
If you wish to become one of our "Grannies", simply send us an email webmaster@grannyshag.com to obtain more information.

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