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Grannyshag: Operator And Owner Of The Website Grannyshag.com, Email Webmaster@Grannyshag.com
Customer: A Person, Who Uses The Website Grannyshag.com In Exchange For Monetary Compensation.
Offer/Services: Pictures, Videos, Graphics And Texts That Grannyshag Offers For Purchase On The Website Grannyshag.com.

1 General
The following general terms and conditions, GTC in short, are an integral part of the contractual relationship between Grannyshag and the customer.

The GTC must be read properly and its contents must be confirmed in order to purchase the services and features of the Grannyshag.com website.

The customer must act independently and assume his own responsibility. He is obligated to ensure that the law of his respective country is not violated and to ensure that the viewing, reading and downloading of material with sexual content do not conflict with the regulations of his community, city, state and/or country.

The customer states that he is not underage and is aware that the Grannyshag.com website contains sexual features and content. The customer is not offended or does not consider this offensive and has decided on his own free will to visualize and view this. The customer also affirms that his email address provided by him is his own and that this address is stored in the Grannyshag database with his consent and that no underage persons have access to this email address.

The customer also affirms that the data provided by him are true, correct, complete and current. The customer is held responsible for providing false, incomplete and/or out-of-date data if a loss or damage is incurred by a third party.

2 Type of offer and services
The customer access the services of the Grannyshag.com website for a fee made payable to Grannyshag.

Services of the Grannyshag.com website are intended exclusively for adults over 18 years of age.

The customer is obligated to legally affirm that his access data or purchased content will not be distributed to, made available to or made accessible in any way to any persons under 18 years of age. All persons shown on the Grannyshag.com website are at least 18 years of age.

3 Copyright laws
Grannyshag possesses all copyrights for contents offered on the Grannyshag.com website as well as company and brand names, graphics and texts. The reproduction, public demonstration or showing, use, sending or broadcasting, distribution or other form of publication of the contents of Grannyshag is expressedly prohibited and is subject to civil and criminal laws.

4 Maintaining the offer
All offers and services are subject to change and nonbinding. Grannyshag reserves the expressed right to change, supplement and withdraw parts of offers and services or the entire offer and services with special notification or to cease the publication temporarily or permanently. If any services paid for by the customer are affected, he will receive a proper and proportionate reimbursement.

5 Disclaimer and quality of services
The services of the Grannyshag server, from which the offer and services will be published for the customer, can be affected temporarily due to the emergence of unforeseeable, extraordinary circumstances that, despite reasonable care and diligence depending on the circumstances, cannot be avoided by Grannyshag, i.e. due to technical changes on the server, change in provider, operational failures, power supply problems as well as in cases of extreme force or due to other measures (i.e. maintenance work, repairs) that are required for the proper operation or improved operation of the system. The described incidental circumstances do not represent deficiencies in the services according to these GTC. If the services or offer are/is not available to the customer temporarily as a result of the said circumstances, no compensation for losses can be demanded from Grannyshag. Claims against Grannyshag related to losses of a material or ideal nature, which are caused by the use or non-use of the shown contents or the use of erroneous or incomplete information or transfers, are ruled out categorically.

6 Cancellation of subscription
If a customer subscription (membership) is concluded, the customer can cancel the services 10 days before the subscription ends in writing or via email at any time. Subscriptions not cancelled are automatically extended for an additional subscription period. The customer cannot cancel the subscription by cancelling a payment transaction. Instead the customer must incur all the arising costs and be held responsible for any consequences in this case.

7 Data security
The customer's data is stored solely for Grannyshag's internal business and transaction purposes. Business and transaction purposes can be billing, advertising or market research. All customer data are handled in strict confidentiality and are not distributed to third parties.

8 Data deletion
The customer has the possibility to have all of his data, which he deposited with Grannyshag, deleted at any time. He must send a written request via email to Grannyshag at webmaster@Grannyshag.com

9 Violation of the guidelines and the customer's exclusion
If these guidelines are violated, customers can be excluded from taking advantage of the offer or services on the Grannyshag.com website. Moreover, Grannyshag reserves the right to exclude the customer from the offer or services on the Grannyshag.com website if, in registering or using the services or offer of the Grannyshag.com website, right-wing extremist, immoral or other illegal content is distributed.

10 Customer conduct that constitutes a violation of the contract
Grannyshag has the right to retrieve information on customers from business credit agencies and credit security agencies. Grannyshag has the right to introduce enforcement and legal measures against the customer due to conduct in violation of the contract (especially unpaid claims or providing false data).

11 Applicable laws
All legal relations between Grannyshag and the customer are subject exclusively to Czech law.

12 Jurisdiction
The jurisdiction for court matters is Prague, Czech Republic.

13 Salvatory clause
If single parts of these GTC or the contract are ineffective, the validity of the remaining parts of the GTC is not affected. The possible ineffectiveness of a provision of these GTC does not affect the validity of the remaining GTC. The invalid provision is to be replaced with a valid related provision that covers the intended business regulation similar in content.

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